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The World Golf Handicap System Is Here


If you haven't been paying attention to golf news during the holidays, you may have missed it, but the World Golf Handicap System has been enabled for the US as of Wednesday.

With changes like less scores needed for a handicap, a different course handicap formula, and weather affecting your index, there's been some drastic changes.

If you want more info on how these changes will affect you, check out the Golf Channel's Need-to-Know article about the World Golf Handicap System. The MSGA Handicap system is currently unavailable and will be up and running as of Jan. 7th. We'll know more about the personal impact the WGHS has then.

If you have a handicap with us, your account will be deactivated as of Jan 10th. If you'd like to sign up again for a handicap, just stop in the golf shop or contact us and we can take care of it for you! Even better you can connect your handicap with our golf app and posts your scores directly!