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Remote Coaching Through Virtual Online Lessons

Easy Process

  • Download the CoachNow app - Apple or Android
  • Create a profile in CoachNow
  • Video your swing via CoachNow
  • Purchase the lesson here
  • Send video to coach Corey through CoachNow
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What you get for $25!

  • Video analysis - 240 frames per second
  • Voice over analysis and tools to illustrate your performance 
  • Coach Communication -  Available to help you identify swing deficiency’s by verbal video feedback.  Send me your swing from your home, back yard or at a park. 
  • Students receive fast text feedback on any question they may have. Video analysis with voice over return rate, within 24 hours. 
  • Limited number of virtual lessons available
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The Area’s Best Place to Perfect Your Golf Game

We are very proud to begin the season here at Compass Pointe! Our new Golf Academy headed by Corey Higgs, PGA offers a variety of classes from junior camps all the way to competitive golf. 

We have developed a learning process that creates a safe haven for golfers with little pressure and an emphasis on fun. Fun to learn, fun to practice, and fun to play! We have created a positive, friendly, and exceptional learning environment, and we look forward to seeing you out here. 

With our outstanding and highly trained team, and with the use of video analysis, short-game techniques, and on course instruction, we have enjoyed teaching golfers of all skill levels. 

We look forward to helping improve your golf game!

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"I adjusted my grip, balance and swing path….and I shot the second hole-in-one in my life today ...................  It happened on the 11th hole.  132 yards.  8 iron.  I had 3 witnesses.   I am on cloud nine!!!  Thanks for all your help and I plan to check back in with you at Compass Pointe soon."

― Michael C.

"Thank you to Corey! I got out on the course today and was hitting the ball significantly straighter with my irons and hybrid. Still erratic with the driver, which gets me into trouble and requires many recovery shots. Keeping the hands in was my focus today, and it feels less awkward with each swing. The contact is far more pure than usual. Looking forward to re-watching this video and putting your tips into practice. The drills should be very helpful. See you for Lesson #2 early next week. Thanks again for everything; I am really enjoying learning and the CoachNow app is extremely helpful."
― Jim

"I shot 84 at Hogs Head today. Two birdies. Also made an eagle earlier this week at Waterville.  Hell of an improvement.  Thanks Coach!............ It has been outstanding.  We are headed home now.  I made more birdies this week than all of last year combined. "
― Student

 "Awesome stuff Corey. Your videos are awesome. They really help a lot. I've struggled with keeping the swing plane more shallow, but I've never known how to get her to do it. thank you so much!"
― Jarrett

"Corey. I was hitting the ball today better than I have ever hit the ball in my life!! It was amazing."
― Jim H.

"This is great feedback...I’ll have some video to send you this weekend as I’m heading to a golf trip with some family and friends."
― RB S.

"Thanks Corey! This is helpful. I think I'll be out at CP Saturday morning if you're around then."
― Andrew C.

"thank you very much. I appreciate the notes and videos!"
― Josh J.

Meet the Team
Corey Higgs
Director of Player Development

Corey returns to Compass Pointe with an extensive teaching background that goes back 20 years. Starting golf at the age of six, he learned the basics of the game from watching his parents play. As an amateur, he won his club championship three consecutive years. Shortly after completing his PGA apprenticeship, he carried his friend’s bag on the PGA Tour of Australasia and learned that leather golf bags are far too heavy! His real passion was helping golfers play better. He landed a teaching position in the US at Army Navy Country Club. Since then, he has held positions as Director of Instruction in both the US and NZ.

With certifications in TPI, Titleist Performance Institute, Swing Catalyst and Trackman University, Corey has devoted his career to helping golfers of all levels develop skills and improve their game through a structured and holistic approach.
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