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Thursday Morning Men's League- August 14

Date: August 14, 2014

League Notes:  Start Time Next Week is 8:30am

Low Gorss:

1st- Tom Daymont- 78

Low Net:

1st- Phillip Baily-60

2nd- Robert Williams- 62

3rd- Gene Pleyo- 64

4th- Thomas Tuttle- 65

5th- Mac McGuire- 67

6th- Charles Holly- 68

7th- Gary Brezeler- 69

8th- Bob Elliott- 69

Contest Holes:

Closest to the Pin 4 North- Bob Elliott

Closest to the Pin 6 North- Jim Sokolowski

Closest to the Pin 2 South- Bill Loving

Closest to the Pin 4 South- Tim Haney