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Tour VS Public Pace: Why Is It So Different?

What's the longest round of golf you've ever played? 6 hours? 7 hours? For the average golfer, even a 5 hour round is too slow, yet that's the norm for professional players. Why?

Although the PGA wants to speed up the game and has begun penalizing pros who are too slow, most rounds on television take 5-6 hours. Tha's because many pros take a minute or more to take their shot. 156 players taking a minute or more per shot adds up quickly.

Here at Compass Pointe, our official pace of play is 4 hours, 30 minutes, as is most other courses. The pace of play is always an issue for any course, but you can't speed up the game too much; otherwise, players don't get their money's worth and don't enjoy a rushed round. 

What's your optimal pace of play? Do you prefer fast or slow rounds? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook!