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The Heat Is Here!

We are getting into the dog days of summer!  With the heat here I would like to remind everyone to take proper safety precautions when you come to play.  Make sure you drink plenty of water, also it is a good idea to pack some snacks, these items will help keep your hydration level and sugar levels normal while you battle the elements as well as the golf course.  Also make sure you apply sunscreen, I recommend spf 50 or higher.  Also, if you have to wait on a shot I would recommend finding a spot in the shade to park

On extremely hot days we here at Compass Pointe will always have a ranger coming around with water and there will be coolers at designated holes throughout the course.  Also, with our beverage cart there are plenty of opportunities to replenish and refresh your water supply.

If you are coming out to play on one of these steamy days please make sure to take cre of your body first, than take care of your golf game!

Happy birdie hunting!