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Success at the Hero: Tiger Looks Himself Again

Expectations for Tiger at the Her World Challenge were mixed. Some thought he would be competitive, while many thought he would crash and burn like his last attempt at a comeback. However, Tiger impressed everyone with his performance, even leading, albeit for a short time, on Friday. Rounds of 69, 68, 75 (in difficult conditions), and 68 placed Tiger at -8, 10 shots off Rickie Fowler's -18 (who shot 61[!] on Sunday).

The surprising thing with Tiger's performance wasn't his scores, however. His swing looked effortless, which is different from last year's grimace, forced swing. His drives looked clean, with only one or two bad swings. His irons and wedges were on point. The only part that looked a bit off was his short game. Putts flying past the hole and chips landing short.

Overall, I'd give Tiger an A- on his comeback. I'd say the young guns need to look out because the Beast is Back.

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