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Rory and the Olympics

In an interview with the Independent, an Irish newspaper, Rory McIlroy discussed many a thing about his career, but one of the most important aspects was that of his withdrawal from the return of golf to the Olympics.

You likely remember that, at the time, the Zika virus was prevalent and created health concerns for golfers going to Rio, Brazil. Rory originally stated that these concerns were his reasons for withdrawal. In this newly released interview, apparently, that was a cover. He couldn't decide whom to play for (Ireland or Britain) because that's not how he wants to play the game.

Rory mentions that he's "tried to stay away" from nationalism in golf and he doesn't want to "make the game about flags". He discusses his initial reaction to the addition of golf to the Olympics.


all of a sudden it put me in a position where I had to question who I am. Who am I? Where am I from? Where do my loyalties lie? Who am I going to play for? Who do I not want to [anger] the most?"

How did you react to the addition of golf to the Olympics? Would you have reacted the same way in his shoes? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook!