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Presidents Cup: The Definition of U.S. Domination

This past weekend, The U.S. and The International Team played the 12th Presidents Cup. For the 10th time, the U.S. took the championship. This in itself is newsworthy, but it's not the headline. The headline is how the U.S. nearly set the record for the largest margin of victory and clinched the cup with the 3rd singles match on Sunday.

With a point margin of 14.5-3.5 going into Sunday, the U.S. Team only required a single point to clinch the cup. This was one of the largest margins after 3 days ever, with the U.S. winning all 4 previous sessions. Although they didn't win the final day, they won the event by one of the largest margins ever!

To learn more, check out this ESPN article on the final day!