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Is There Such a Thing as Too Low?

Since Al Geiberger broke the PGA scoring record with the first ever 59 in 1977, there have been 7 more golfers to do the same. 1 of those 7, Jim Furyk, managed to shoot even lower with a magical 58 last August. But could this be bad for the game?

6 sub-60 rounds have happened on the PGA Tour since 2010, with 3 happening in the past 6 months, Considering the previous record of 59 since for nearly 40 years, could this be bad for the game? The pros are making the game seem almost easy now with the advancements in club and ball technology. However, this may turn out to be a good thing for the growth of the game. Just like how the NFL has become a high-scoring affair and the NBA is in favor of 3-point shooters, the PGA Tour has a greater entertainment value when there are low scores.

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