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East and South 9 Condition Update

As winter swings into high gear you will notice that the Bermuda on both the East and South 9’s has gone into dormancy.  Even though the grass is brown, it maintains its playability; it is not dead or dying just in hibernation.  Once the weather warms back up you will see it transition from brown to green again! In order to protect the dormant grass, the East and South 9’s will be cart path only for the remainder of winter.  This will help reduce the risk of dead spots when the grass comes out of dormancy.  We apologize for what inconvenience this may cause.  For those of you who would not like to play on a 9 that is cart path only, we could make accommodations to play the North and West 9’s together on days that will allow.


We appreciate your attention and cooperation to this matter, and helping us keep Compass Pointe heading in the right direction!